Greetings my beloved gentelmen,
my name is Liana Bella
Greetings my beloved gentelmen,
my name is Liana Bella
Don't run, stop, take a deep breath, and let the world exist without you for a few hours. It won't break into pieces. I checked. I want to steal you from your busy surroundings and put us together in slow motion.
I'm a companion who came to the USA to make men happier in this land. I know how exhausting it can get when you do your best to succeed in life and also how much of pressure a person can feel from so many sides.
I'm young, sexy, beautiful and mature. I like to be around people, you always can chat with about small things, share your deepest worries, or celebrate your most magnificent achievements.
My breasts are real and soft with perky nipples. You won't find hair or nail extensions and I complete the picture with an authentic round shaped booty and tiny waist.
I love to show off my body, and the bed is my main stage. In Russia, we say, “the world is the theater, and we all players there."
I adore imagining how I have all of the lights on me while I'm performing for you on these white sheets. It makes me very excited for the show that is about to come after this small foreplay.
I want you to come and take me into your strong male hands, make me feel warm and protected, and I will share with you my most feminine energy. This energy will make you feel like you are flying and ready to conquer the world!
First things first:
I'm that different type you have been looking for! I bet “black on roulette". You feel this tiredness when you scroll down the screen on your device while searching for THE ONE that will spill gas for your matchstick!
But all you see is the same stamped faces that are not even close to burning your mind and desire the way I do. I can understand you, and here I am.

Now you are asking, what’s so special?”
I am not just a girl of pleasure for your body; I'm the lady that can share so much more with you. I am very well rounded and always exploring new things to build a better version of me!
You choose what would you like to share with me from this list of my hobbies: